We wil be visiting the beautiful tulip fields nearby Amsterdam.

First we meet at the meeting point in Amsterdam from there I will drive you through the beautiful dutch country side while we enjoy the views we will arrive to the beach. Then we will walk through the dunes to stop for a drink and have some apple pie. You can make pictures of the beach and the north sea if you want during the break. Afterwards I will drive through rural roads to see the tulip fields from left to right. We will stop a couple of time to take some pictures. On the way I will tell you a bit of history related to the tulip fields and how the tulips arrived to the Netherlands. Then we will enter the Tulip park and spend a couple of hours wandering around and making more pictures. After that I will bring you back to the meeting point an Amsterdam.

P.D This is a tour that is not offered by any tour company.

One bottle of water per person.

Fully Equipped sporty car.

Up to 3 Number

of People